Everything you need to know about EasySyndic, the property management company for small-scale buildings in Belgium – Your questions
Who ensures the running of the General Meeting and implementation of its decisions?

Legally speaking, the property manager, whether or not a professional, is responsible for :

  • – Drafting the minutes of the decisions taken at the General Meeting (article article 577-6, §§ 10 and 11) ;
  • – Recording the decisions in the condominium’s register within 30 days of the Meeting and transmitting them to the co-owners and other property managers (article 577-6, § 12); executing and enforcing the decisions made at the General Meeting. (article 577-8, 3°).
What is the property manager’s role ?

The obligations of a property manager are laid out in article 577 of the Civil Code. The principal tasks of the property manager are to implement the decisions taken at the General Meeting, manage the condominium’s funds, and represent the co-owners’ association in the management of matters of common interest as well as in legal proceedings. On a more informal basis, the role also consists of listening to the co-owners and, if necessary, making urgent decisions. Remaining neutral and never choosing sides for one co-owner or another are part of the mandate.

And now what?

Change property managers!

You’ve had enough of your current property manager’s exorbitant fees? You, too, find that your property manager doesn’t offer you services tailored to your small building needs? You want to take steps to change property managers, but you don’t know how to go about it?
Contact us now and we will guide you through the process step by step.

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Choose a professional property manager!

In many small condominiums complexes, one of the co-owners acts as property manager because a professional property management company’s fees would considerably increase the annual expenses. But you must not underestimate the property management’s responsibilities, even a non-professional one.

So don’t delay and contact us directly. Our team is at your disposal.

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